Monday, November 16, 2015

Avent Natural bottles review

Ever since I bought the natural bottles, I never thought of buying the classic bottles again!
1) BPA free
2) lesser parts to clean
3) ergonomic- easier for babies to hold
4) most important- does not required adapter ring to prevent leaks! have tried other bottle brands but still prefers Avent.
Perfect gift for this Christmas!

Kate Spade Emerson Review

Saw this bag retail price at $660! Loved the size- its spacious, light weight, soft material and sweet colour. not a big fan of Kate Spade but this definitely set my eyes on it. Description: size •8.2"h x 11.9"w x 4.3"d •drop length: 9.8" handheld material •leather with nappa body and matching trim •14-karat light gold plated hardware •custom woven matte jacquard with spades and dotes lining details •over the shoulder bag with triple compartments and snap enclosure •kate spade new york gold embossed signature with stud •dust bag included •imported •style # PXRU5692

Thursday, November 12, 2015

How Good is Your Problem Solving Skills?

Step 1: Find the Problem
Some problems are very obvious, however others are not so easily identified.  Be specific as to what exactly is the problem.

Step 2: Find the Facts
After identifying a potential problem, you need information. What factors contribute to the problem? Who is involved with it? What solutions have been tried before? What do others think about the problem?

Step 3: Find Ideas
With a clear problem definition, start generating ideas for a solution. The key here is to be flexible in the way you approach a problem.

Step 4: Plan
You might think that choosing a solution is the end of a problem-solving process.

Step 7: Sell the Idea
As part of the planning process, you must convince other partners that your solution is the best one.

Step 8: Act
Finally,  you can move on to the implementation stage.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Why You Should Combine Your PPC & SEO Strategies

Studies show that organic search receives as much as 70 percent of total clicks
from search results. But having both a paid and an organic listing has proven to
increase the amount of total traffic by as much as 66 percent and influence a
consumer's purchase consideration by as much as 8 percent.

The Next Big Thing - Online Video Marketing

If you are still using only articles and ads to promote your products and services, you're missing out a lot of advertising opportunities over the WWW. Apparently, more and more people are visiting YouTube instead of Google to obtain information, or simply to get entertained. Video marketing is now one of the most efficient medium to reach your potential clients. If you create and post your videos on various distribution channels, you will increase your chances of generating more traffic to your website which can in turn, boost your sales and revenue. According to comScore, Americans watched 9 billion online videos just in the month of July. Steps to video marketing success 1) Create an enticing video. Choose production components that fit with your message, content, and intended audience. You can arouse more interest from viewers if you make your videos interesting and highly informative. If you are promoting a product, you must also tell your viewers what your products can do, their main selling points, the elements that set them apart from the rest, and how they can help these people in improving the quality of their lives. 2) Metadata Each video sharing website allows you to create 'tags', which allows potential viewers to reach you when searching for the appropriate keyword which matches your title and description. The more metadata you include, the more likely someone is able to find your video. 3) Promotion Embed the videos into your website and also include your website URL in the videos. This will call for action and invites visitors to your website. You can consider submitting your videos to various video distribution channels to maximize exposure. Lastly, it is important to 'befriend' people who left comments or votes on your video and invite them to subscribe to your video channels. Article by Shiyi Lau

5 Steps to Get Your Website Indexed by Google

How does Google find your site and list it? Purely registering your domain on the Internet isn't enough. Before it can include a site in its index, a search engine has to know that the site exists. One of the first steps in picking up traffic to your website is to get it indexed by major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. However, it does not denote that your link will appear on the first page of search results. Although by submitting your site will get it listed in some search engines, it will not necessary get it into Google. As Google is the most popular Internet search engine with the largest index, if there are no links from other pages that point to your site, the site will not be indexed. Therefore, before submitting your site to Google, you need to get linked from other sites that are already in Google's index. 1. Make sure that your website is ready (i.e. no broken links, has enough unique contents, etc). Optimize your website for keywords that are highly related with your website content. 2. Create a sitemap file for your website. It contains the URLs for all of your pages in your website. Sitemaps are rarely clicked by most visitors, but they are vital as it helps search engine robots find all the pages on your website. You can use free online or offline tools available to generate your sitemap file. 3. As soon as your site is available on the Internet, you can submit your site to web directories such as and 4. Create an article that is relevant to your site and submit it to pertinent article directories such as Be sure to include a link to your site in the article. The 'spiders' will crawl these sites at least once every week. It will find your links and eventually lead them to your website. If other people find your article relevant and use in their own website, you may also get new links and visitors from other sites, which will eventually boost your website ranking. 5. Join a popular, highly ranked forum site and create a profile with your site URL along with a short description in the signature. Each post will count as a link to the search engines! You can use any of the above techniques to get indexed by Google and other major search engines. However, do keep in mind it will take a few weeks for your site to appear in the search engines. Article by Shiyi Lau

Importance of Advertising to Boost Sales During Difficult Times

Are you one of the millions of business owners where most of your income relies on online products or services? If so, no doubt you're in a panic mode and worrying on how to tide over the difficult financial times. As a deep recession is certainly unavoidable, it is important for us to take control and turn this fear into a positive touch. The world will continue to move even though there is a recession. The most successful business people know this, and they are the ones to emerge even stronger after the smoke clears and things are back to normal again. Taking risk for better times A article suggests an economic downturn can provide the opportunity for businesses to build a greater market share through aggressive advertising specials or discounts. "Advertising can skillfully reposition a product to take advantage of new buying concerns, give an advertiser a stable image (brand) in a chaotic environment, and give an advertiser the chance to dominate the advertising media," quoted the article. Numerous studies over the past 80+ years have also shown that maintaining or even increasing advertising during times of recession can give businesses an advantage over the competition. While many other companies are reducing costs on advertising, it might be even more effective to increase spending and get more innovative, so that a larger market share can be achieved more cost-effectively. Advertising Strategies If you don't have the funds to go for the more expensive advertising avenues, then get creative and think of ways to advertise and get the word out for free or for an exchange of services. Select your marketing channel(s) If you decide on spending money on marketing, how will you decide where to put your efforts? Note that you need to be committed knowing that you will usually enjoy the results of advertising several weeks after commencement, so be patient, and do not stop the advertising in a week or two if you do not see any results. You have to decide what will be the best value for money: - Print advertising versus Online advertising - Press releases versus blogging - TV Commercials versus Online Advertorials - Publishing job vacancies in newspapers versus job vacancies online - Word of mouth versus Social media on the Internet In a nutshell, what remains consistent and ongoing irregardless of the current economic situation essentially is to create a strong relationship with your customer. Article by Shiyi Lau